For those who love adventure IN mountain biking, this tour is absolutely a MUST for the following reasons: the beauty of its scenery, uphill paths in high mountain and especially for the spectacular downhill from Col Albergian to Lake of Laux. amazing single track long 15 km. Starting from Lake of Laux and proceed along the SR 23 until after the village of Pragelato, then turn left at the roundabout in direction of Val Troncea. Arriving at Laval, turn left and starts the long climb that takes you first on top of the Colle Clot de la Soma and later on top of the Colle Belotte (this climb has very extreme slopes). Following a short downhill and then climb last (last part to do with the bike on his shoulder) of the day that will take you on top of the Colle Albergian ... here the landscape is beautiful and here starts the spectacular downhill!!!

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  • Season recommended: summer
  • Mountain Bike
  • Distance: 37
  • Start/Arrive: Lago del Laux (Usseaux)
  • Time: 5:00 - 6:00 h
  • Difference (Climb): extreme
  • Difficulty: extreme
  • Restaurant & bar: Lago Laux and Rifugio Mulino Laval
  • Web Site:  (Lago Laux)
  • Telephone number/e-mail:

1) Albergo Ristorante LAGO DE LAUX ***
10060 USSEAUX (TO)
TEL: +39 0121 83944-83683
FAX: +39 0121 83944

2) Rigugio Mulino Laval
TEL: +39 340 854 2328


This path is recommended for bikers with a good training, the suggestion is done this in 2 stages (with a stop in one of the three "Rifugi" Hotel-Restaurant) . Starting at Bobbio Pellice village, it comes down to a few kilometers and then turn right towards "Rifugio" Barbara. The climb to the Barbara (all asphalt) has a gradient similar to the most famous Mortirolo (Giro d'Italia uphill): 10 km to 11% of average slope !! Once you reach the "Rifugio" Barbara, take a path on the right towards Col Barant (fantastic the view from this mountain called "Colle del Baracun"). Later he began a long downhill to the "Rifugio"Jervis (pay attention at the half of downhill: partially rough) and then to Villanova along a dirt road in good condition. From here continue on asphalt towards Bobbio Pellice.

Go to map and find out restaurants location.


  • Season recommended: summer
  • mountain Bike
  • Distance: 36
  • Start/Arrive: Bobbio Pellice
  • Time: 4:30 - 5:30 h
  • Difference (Climb): 1700
  • Difficulty: extreme
  • Restaurant & bar: Rifugio Barbara/ Rifugio Col Barant / Rifugio Jervis/Ristorante Laghetto Nais
  • Web Site:

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